S5 Fit Challenge: Day 1 (w/ Spotify Playlist)


S5 Fit Challenge: Day 1

For those of you following us on social media you might notice today is day 1 of our August challenge, #S5hustleforthatmuscle. We have a great group of women determined to end their summer strong. Our goals are to not only move, but to also motivate those around us to move a little extra too. We're giving away some great prizes and plan to help you stay motivated for the next 30 days with us, even if you're not in the challenge. Below we've included an anywhere workout as well as the latest playlist from our very own, Meag Packer. Make sure to follow our Instagram account and our hashtag for continued motivation to move, we're with you for the next 30 days! 

Anywhere workout

100 Jumping Jacks (or High Knees)

40 Walking Lunges (20 each side)

40 Air Squats

20 Push Ups

20 Star Jumps (you're favorite)

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Jump Squats

1 Minute Plank Hold

Feel free to repeat the above workout 2-3 times, drink plenty of water and fuel your body with some awesome whole foods that make you feel good! Cheer's to 29 more days of fun!