The Importance of Rest & Recovery


The Importance of Rest & Recovery

In almost every single one of my classes, I close with the importance of rest and recovery. In my opinion, rest and recovery is more important than your actual workout. If your body is not properly recovered, your workouts will be directly impacted. If you have that “all or nothing, must work out every single day at 110%, crawl out of the gym tired” mentality the following might sound familiar. People who overwork their body often notice signs of decreased performance, unusual sleeping patterns, decreased immunity (are you getting sick all the time? Yes, being run down can happen from working out TOO MUCH), or overuse injuries such as stress fractures and muscle strains.

Take a look at our class schedule. There is a method to the madness. We try not to schedule the same classes at the same time each day, we have worked hard to create the best variety we can so we’re not over working the same muscles over and over again.  I think it’s important to understand as we wrap up week 1 of our challenge, we encourage you to rest and recover.

Let’s get scientific for a hot second. Any type of resistance training causes microscopic damage or micro-tears in the myofibrils within the muscle fibers. In order to repair those muscles (or increase muscle size) your body needs rest and recovery. Rest and recovery are more than just a day off from the gym. They require proper nutrients such as food, water, and more importantly SLEEP. If you’re not sleeping well or properly fueling your body for recovery, your results will be directly impacted. Sleep is when your body will increase the production of growth hormone, allowing your body to repair the muscles you’re working so hard to build. Think about the amount of time babies and children sleep. The amount of time they spend sleeping is important because it is essential to their development and growth. Sleep is also important as we get older, especially those of us pushing our bodies through rigorous workouts 5-6 days a week.

I encourage you to workout hard, fuel your body properly, hydrate, and REST. We love you all and love seeing you at our classes, but if we see you pushing too hard 7 days/week in the studio expect us to check in with you. We LOVE you and want you to kickass in the healthiest way you can.

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